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Solar Hot Water Heater Installation visit for more from Global Warming Expert Corbett Kroehler and other topics, solutions and experts at nnKeyboard Culture is a blog community of enlightened leaders helping people make decisions, solve problems, create and live from Love and Light in the highest good for all.nMy wife Catrin and I love the solar hot water heater we installed in February of 2007. It has given us reliable service and very hot water.nI've told growing numbers of people about the virtues of using solar energy to heat hot water as the easiest way of reducing our need for fossil fuels. nThe thought struck me that it would help for people to see how painless the installation process was and how little space the solar panel collector consumes on the roof.nThe solar hot water heater installation reduced our monthly utility bill by 25%. What kind of investment is a solar hot water heater? nA comparable solar hot water heater system on most any home with decent southern exposure and 2 adults using hot water would cost approximately $5,000.nWith tax incentives currently available, our return on investment (ROI) period will be about 7 years but of course, the smiles we derive from knowing that we heat our water without causing air pollution are priceless!nTo keep up to date on global warming facts and realities, great links and information on global warming as well as the simple things you can do to help visit my blog at n"Who is Corbett Kroehler?" nIn 2003 I became a Chairman of Energy Issues for the Sierra Club of Central Florida. I represented the Sierra Club of Central Florida at the Solar World Congress in 2005 and the International Solar Cities Congress. I was elected chairman of the Sierra Club of Central Florida and served in that role throughout 2006. nAfter much reasoning and strategic analysis, I came to the conclusion that the best hope for halting the advance of rising seas lies in the Congress of the United States. As I continue to work to raise awareness of the threats and opportunities global warming poses to Florida and the entire world, I am also a candidate in Florida's eighth congressional district. nSustainable Justice For All!nCorbett Kroehler

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