PMG Concept Using Bedini Pulse Motor

This is only an idea of what else you can do with your bedini pulse motor. If constructed right, with enough torgue by using multi coils and right circuitry, this idea would be possible and enough to drive a "permanent magnet generator" with lighter load, ie; charging battery pack. nnOn both sides of the rotor, you can see that there's a flywheel where you can attached the magnets for the "PMG" and easy to match for the stator.nnI hope this video gives you an idea of another usage of your bedini pulse motor. This is more like expanding the function of bedini pulse motor by adding two flywheel on both ends of the rotor for pmg possiblity. (PMG - Permanent Magnet Generator)nnNote:nWhen there's a load on your pmg, this will create drag to your pulse motor so be sure to construct your motor with enough torgue and force to balance it to to the drag that the pmg (with load) is creating.nnMaterials used;n1. Rotor - Empty magnet coil barrel, mounted to the stand with flexi flatbar mountnn2. 8X Neodymium magnets - pemanently attached with screws and strong tape on the rotor - arrangement - N-S-N-Snn3. Bearing - Street gliders wheels or skateboard bearingnn4. Stand - from my old small electric fannn5. Bedini Pulse Motor Circuit, multi coil is highly recommended to boost the force and create a torguenn6. 2X 12V Drill battery for run and chargenn7. 2X digital multimeter (cheap ones just to measure amperage and voltagennnGood luck to your projects and have a nice one.nnRegards,nJon

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